MineCraft Server Review: Roll the Dice

A popular server, CoreMC.us is increasingly becoming my favourite server. Not only does it have my favourite mini game but also a bunch of others, for example, Roll the Dice. The first thing I can say about this is that it is an interesting idea. It drops up to 32 players in an arena where they will fight to the death with a specific class. What gives the name is that the players don’t get to choose their own class. This means that the players can’t practise classes, but still have to master them all to win. There are so many classes that I don’t think I’ve even encountered all of them but what I can say is that each class is very unique.

The thief class is equipped with an item that allows you to steal the other player’s weapon when hit. Which is interesting because it is very over powered to some classes, but not at all to others. This is another example of how much you rely on having a preferred class and it is kind of just taken away from you. But to put you at ease, each player has the same handicap as you.

Overall I don’t think they could’ve pulled off the idea better, it’s just the idea that isn’t very good. The game is very unique though and is still fun to muck around with. Go ahead and play a game for yourself. I’m sure it’s the type of game that you either hate or love. The IP for it is coreMC.us or you can visit their website at thecoremc.net

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