MineCraft Server Review: Control Point

A popular MineCraft server, coreMC.us has a variety of mini games such as Roll the Dice, Hot Potato and my personal favorite, Control Point. This game has the normal aspects of PvP but has many different classes. There are 3 different types of classes though, warrior, archer and mage. Each class has its own trait. Warrior has a high armour value and the basic sword as a weapon. The archer has a fairly low armour value but that isn’t too much to worry considering you have a very powerful bow. The mage has a very low armour value but trust me, the weapon is amazing. It can shoot powerful fireballs at a distance and can knock players back or light them on fire up close.

There are four different teams, red, green, blue and purple. Each team has to stand on the control point at the given time to obtain points. Each player standing on the control point during the given time will be rewarded with 10 points for their team. The first team to 200 points wins.

The biggest reason this game is so great is because of its leveling system. You can earn experience points by killing other players or earning points for your team. You can unlock different classes, all of them staying withing the 3 categories but with a slight advantage. There is even prestiging in this game, which I find incredible and unique.

There are even perks that you can buy with the server currency that you can earn through any of the mini games available in the Core. There are many that make you stronger, faster or many other things. (HINT: Most people agree that the undead perk is this best. It has a chance of reviving you after you die). You can level up your perks at a costly price to make you even stronger.

Overall I think this is one of the best mini games for MineCraft out there. I highly suggest checking it out. You can join their server at coreMC.us or visit their website thecoremc.net for recent updates.

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